Kidneys are Important!

So the weekend before last my husband and I went on a trip to New Jersey.  I had been suffering some mild cramp like pains since that Tuesday but we decided to go anyway.  I was certain that they would go away on their own.  I mean, they were just cramps, right?  On Saturday I woke up to some fairly agonizing pain and knew that something was very wrong.  My husband immediately sent me to the nearest urgent care facility and went to rent a car to get us home.

Since I have already had my appendix out, the nurse practitioner there figured it was a kidney infection and started me on some antibiotics.  Whoo boy!  I have never had a Kidney infection.  I’ve had several UTIs but those are just annoying, painful sure, but now that I’ve had a kidney infection I’m pretty much going to just laugh those off.  I have no idea how I got the kidney infection but I plan on NEVER DOING IT AGAIN.  (Whatever it was.)

I’ve been drinking water like a fish and it’s finally flushed out of my system.  *crosses fingers*  I finished my antibiotics and I’m still drinking a boatload of water.  I can tell something is still not right, but my doctor here says to just keep flushing my system and it should get the last vestiges of discomfort out by Monday.

I am sad to have missed the rest of the weekend in New Jersey, but the 12 hour car ride back with my husband was actually fairly enjoyable.  Minus the restroom stop every two hours or so… and the pain.

Other than that it wasn’t bad.  *laughs*

By now you have gotten 4 pages of comics.  What do you think so far?  I’m still ironing out the kinks and working on the formatting, but I would love to get your feedback.  It’s how I get better at my art.

Feel free to leave a message on the comic you are commenting on, or send me a message directly via the Contact Me page.

Have a great day!


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