Speaking of Comics – Blindsprings

If you have ever wanted to read a beautiful comic with a great story, Blindsprings is it.

Kadi Fedoruk is the author and artist on this lovely little comic and it’s clear she puts her heart and soul into it’s creation.  It’s a story about a world torn between logical Academics and magical Orphics, though sometimes that line is blurred when you get right down to the human side of things.

The artwork is stunning, very detailed and super cute without being sickening (I love the way she draws the spirits! Love, love, LOVE!), the coloring expertly done with attention to mood and lighting, and the storyline is interesting from the very beginning.  She is on chapter five as of this blog post and each chapter only makes you want more.  I, personally, can’t wait to see where this story will take us.

If you haven’t made Blindsprings part of your weekly reading, you totally should.



Yule Time Musings

Today I prepare for the next few days with friends and family.  I’ve got three events in three days to attend, and then the rest of the month “off” with my husband.

I’ve never been a big Christmas kinda gal.  In fact, I celebrate Yule, but even then, it’s not been on my top list of holidays.

Except this year.

This year I really feel like I need to stop a moment and appreciate the silence between the movement.  Life has been so busy this last year with two jobs, home life and social obligations that I hardly even notice it passing anymore.

I wasn’t always like that.  I used to observe the changing of the seasons religiously.  Taking moments out of my life to acknowledge the passing of the year helped me to stay grounded, and focused.  This last year I have been focused, but not grounded.  I have felt a bit lost in fact.  Some of that has to do with an uncertain future, settling into a new life and the always fun first newlywed year.  Before I knew it, I looked up and it was Mother’s Night again. (For those of you who don’t know Yule and all it’s intricacies, Mother’s Night is the first night of the 12 days of Yule, and one where we remember the women who have gone before us.)  It reminded me to take a moment and breathe.  The year was over, the constant hustle I had been doing was done, and everything else could wait until …  well, until after the 25th at least.  I can’t take THAT much time off, the perils of owning your own business, gearing up for a big event in January and all that.

We hung up the Yule wreath over the fireplace and that helped.  It felt right and looked so pretty.  I don’t do a lot of decorations, but the Yule wreath is one of the important ones. Perhaps next year I’ll do a Yule log.  I don’t really have the desire to do a tree, so those two things are about as far as I want to go right now.

I’ve also had the desire to bake lately.  Horribly fatty things that neither my husband nor I can actually eat.  But I don’t want to eat the things, just bake them.  I want to mix and stir and warm my hands by the oven.  I want to create little packages of sweets to remind my loved ones that the hate and anger and darkness that exists outside the wall of light cast by my oven fire isn’t the only thing in the world.  That love and goodness is out there too, and I made it into food form, just for them.  Food is great at bringing people together and reminding folks of the loved ones who have gone before.

I am holding reign on my baking desires and have decided to only make two cakes, one for my husband’s family dinner and one for my family dinner.  I figure by the time I finish the second one I’ll have scratched my baking itch and can go back to cooking healthier fare.

This next year will be full of trials and tribulations, scary new experiences and hardships, but it will also be full of friends and family. Those scary new experiences will help me grow as a person and will be well worth it in the long run.

For me, this time can be summed up by a poem I wrote many years ago:

The cool concoction of Coffee slides down my parched throat
The flavorful slice of Fruit bread finds a home on my plate
The pine wreath fills the air with a wistful smell
While the warmth of the fire washes over me.
This is the Time of Yule

Laughter echoes down long hallways
Dancing merrily between the folk and friends alike
Children scamper carelessly between groups of adults
Wondering who will sneak them another drink from the wassail bowl.
This is the Time of Yule

A voice raised in song floats, briefly on the air
A few hardy protests when it ceases.
A squeal from a lady who found herself caught by her love
Giggles as she quickly forgives him.
This is the Time of Yule.

You can find that poem and a whole host of my other works on my other blog: The Ephemeral Prosaist

I guess what I’m trying to say is… From Boyd, Eudora, the Crew and everyone else here at The Prophet’s Web: Happy Holidays folks.

Drug Hazed Postings

So it turns out the Kidney infection I had a month ago also produced stones.  So the last few days have been pretty much me, hating on my kidneys and all their stone making abilities.  Plus good drugs.

I can assure you, good drugs means I’m not really very sober.  It’s amazing what’s legal these days.

But riding the Oxy high is boring after day two and I’m already on to better things.

I have been thinking a lot about the comic and the story line, which always leads to the characters themselves and their backstories.  I love backstories, but I tend to put more into the backstory than will ever come out in the comic itself.  So now I am trying to figure out how to incorporate some of that story into something that will actually be seen.

Plus I need to figure out the best way to organize all these ideas and topics.  I’ve got pictures galore of characters that have yet to be introduced into the comic yet, and I really need to get the crew photo up on the webpage somewhere.  I have a feeling it will be on the crew bios page, so folks know who is who.

Right, so I need a crew bios page as well.

Hm.  Time to pull out my handy dandy organizer mind-brain and figure out how to pull this all together into some semblance of coherency.

Maybe I should switch to Tylenol…

Anyway, big things are coming up in the comic, but I would love to hear some feedback on the story so far.  Big plans doesn’t mean it’s actually translating into entertaining stories ~now~.

I’m having fun with it though, so I guess that’s really all that matters.  *laughs*

Okay.  Thanks.  Buh bye.


… is it nap time yet?


Speaking of Comics – The (Re)Invention of Alethia Grey

Lisa Walker England is a storyteller and artist who inspired me to create this comic.  She started her comic, The (Re)Invention of Alethia Grey, several months before I started this one. Her comic is a steampunk tale about Alethia Grey, a woman with a mysterious past.


In 1880s Milwaukee, a reticent heiress finds herself forced to step into society upon her father’s untimely death. But with her newfound visibility comes a bizarre mystery around the real source of the manufacturing fortune she’s inherited. Will her discoveries destroy her . . . or remake her altogether?

The comic is done in a simplistic pencil drawing and the story is a fun exploration of Alethia’s life. She has done a lot of research into the history of Milwaukee in the 1880s to make sure that her comic is full of life and interesting little details. Currently it only has one chapter up and she is accepting orders for a print book, but word has it she already has plans for the next chapter.

Lisa is also working on exploring different styles of storytelling and her telling of The League of Marvelosities combines quilting, audio and written words to create a full storytelling experience.

Lisa’s enduring bravery when it comes to exploring her art is inspiring, and her smile infectious.

I can’t wait for the new chapter!


Winter Cleaning

So everyone knows about spring cleaning and the idea that you cast open the windows and doors after a long cold winter and let in fresh air.  It makes sense.  You’ve been locked inside your home for the entire winter, mud and dirt tracked in on the shoes, dust settling without a good breeze from an open window to blow it around and out.  Everyone’s tempers are a bit frayed because nobody wants to go outside to play in the cold for long periods of time, and travel is more difficult if not impossible.  Spring cleaning allows you to brush all that out of the house and start the new year fresh.

I don’t do spring cleaning.  I usually have too much to do during the spring months and the winter blues are still hanging on strong enough that cleaning is the last thing I want to do.

I do winter cleaning.  Right after that first fall of snow, when it’s clear that we are once again going to be plunged into the darkest and coldest time of year, I spend some quality time cleaning.  It’s usually not the whole house.  It’s usually just a few things at a time.  Really scrubbing down the bathrooms or the kitchen, making sure all my piles are sorted and put away.

This year my winter cleaning started with organizing my beads.  What beads, you ask?  Long before I started this comic I started my obsession with beads.  Jewelry-making is my favorite hobby.  Beadweaving my addiction of choice.  I make beauty to remind myself that the darkness I see all around me isn’t the only thing left to see.  Human beings are marvelous creatures that have the ability to make some of the most stunning pieces of art.  I love beads, and organizing them brings me peace.

Yeah, I know, I’m one of the weird ones who enjoys organizing things.

I have finally gotten my stock of beads organized pretty much how I want them.  There will be a few tweaks here and there, and I’m still waiting on shelving to hold it all instead of stacking the trays on the floor, but I have all the trays I need to store the beads I have!  It’s been years in the making for many reasons.  Finding the perfect tray is one, and being able to afford enough of them to store all my beads is another.  I am super excited to say I am happy with the way I have organized my beads now.

Now I just have to sell my old trays and I’ll have… room for more beads no doubt.  (Can you ever have enough?)  So my winter cleaning has actually done me some good in that I have completed a nearly decade long project.  It feels good.

But I’m not done!  Oh no.  My next winter cleaning project is to clear out all my piles and put them away.  We moved into this condo over a year ago.  It’s time to make it feel like home.

Once spring comes around I’ll no doubt avoid the spring cleaning like I do every year, but at least my winter cleaning will have made a dent in my giant list of things to do.

So what about you?  Do you ever do a big cleaning?  Is it a spring cleaning?  Does the season not really matter?  Is there any projects that you have taken years to finish?  I can’t be the only one.

For those of you interested in my jewelry, you can find me at The Jeweled Heron, my store, or on Facebook, and tumblr.  This comic shares a deviantart page and a twitter profile with my jewelry so you can see many of my things there.