Speaking of Comics – Blindsprings

If you have ever wanted to read a beautiful comic with a great story, Blindsprings is it.

Kadi Fedoruk is the author and artist on this lovely little comic and it’s clear she puts her heart and soul into it’s creation.  It’s a story about a world torn between logical Academics and magical Orphics, though sometimes that line is blurred when you get right down to the human side of things.

The artwork is stunning, very detailed and super cute without being sickening (I love the way she draws the spirits! Love, love, LOVE!), the coloring expertly done with attention to mood and lighting, and the storyline is interesting from the very beginning.  She is on chapter five as of this blog post and each chapter only makes you want more.  I, personally, can’t wait to see where this story will take us.

If you haven’t made Blindsprings part of your weekly reading, you totally should.



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