Keeping up

Focus, drive, motivation.  These are all things that many of us struggle with every day.  I have a ton of drive, quite a bit of motivation, but if I am not organized I lose focus quickly.  I spend much of my time on Mondays organizing my week, making sure everything that I need to get done is laid out on a calendar.

Then I find I’ve missed something, and I need to add that to the calendar.

Then I’ve got interruptions, and distractions, and oh yes, cleaning the house as well…

By the time Friday rolls around I’ve completely lost my focus again, and I end up staring at the screen pondering what I need to get done and how in the world I’m going to meet deadlines if I can’t prioritize what I need to do.  I am very good at organizing physical objects, but I’m finding I’m not so great at organizing tasks.

I really need to fix that.

I have the next 3-4 comics scripted, I’ve got the photos for them as well, now I just need to find the time to sit down and put them together.  I *might* have time to do that this weekend.  I have so many characters I want you to meet, so many twists and turns in this story I want you to read, and I need to find the time to get it out of my head and out where you all can see it.

Sounds like I need to have an planning session on Fridays as well as Mondays.  *laughs*



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