Speaking of Comics – Lackadaisy

This is my hands down favorite webcomic.  It’s right up there with the Sandman and Fables series in print comics as well.  If you haven’t seen this comic, you are seriously missing out on one of the most well done, beautiful pieces of art I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Have I got your attention?  Good.


I am a huge fan of the art nouveau style of artwork.  The turn of the century was one of disparity.  Poor people were horrifyingly poor, working in terrible conditions, and yet the rich were living opulent lifestyles that would rival most royalty.  Art Nouveau was born out of the need to blend natural curves and topics to a more modern style set.

It’s beautiful.

Lackadaisy takes that time period and runs with it.  The art is stunning, the line work and the colors are beautifully done, and always fit the mood of the scene.  The details are intricately drawn and draw you into all the little nooks and crannies of the picture.  The artist, Tracy J. Butler, has no problem showing you the grand luxuries of the time period as well as the darkerside.  And they do it with cats.

Yup. All of the characters in the Lackadaisy comic are cats.  Cats, I may add, with amazing facial expressions.  You always know what they are feeling despite not having human facial features.

Tracy is prolific.  They are always putting out comics, teasers, illustrations and a vast array of extras.  They even have tutorials!  I can’t express how much their website is a treasure for artists and comic lovers alike.

The story is about Mitzi May, a young widow who is desperately trying to keep her deceased husband’s speakeasy business open in a time of prohibition.  She and her merry (and not so merry) band of minions work tirelessly to avoid cops, warring factions and angry mobsters, sometimes less than successfully, to keep the Lackadaisy open and profitable.

The cast of characters is large and varied, reflecting the oddities of the world they live in, working class folks, farmers, thugs, socialites and more make the world Tracy writes in as deep as the trouble the characters always seem to get into.

You need to read this comic.

Tracy has one book out and available for sale.




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