Behind the Scenes Shuffle

So I have of 9 of 12 avatars that I need in order to have all the main characters on my own accounts.  They are looking fantastic!

The Fae King has had a glamour makeover. (As any good fae can attest, appearances can be deceiving and should  never be trusted!)  He is looking spooky enough for Halloween!  Be sure to join my Patreon to get a glimpse at his new look.  I’m just waiting on the Prophet, Talon, and Jasper and the whole crew will be ready for their photos.

Things are starting to roll along!

I’m also working on an introduction video for the Patreon page as well as a welcome video for Patrons who are so kindly supporting me!

I’ve got wallpapers in the works for folks who pledge $10 or more and I’m sketching out the ideas I have for the short comics for those who pledge $20 or more.  Though I’ll need your help to decide which comic to do first!  Keep an eye out for a poll a little later on in the week.

The crew is getting impatient and the sky is clear!  Seems like it’s about time for us to set sail!



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