Why Rent a Sim?

Our first goal is to reach $150 a month so that we can afford to rent a homestead on Second Life.

For those of you unfamiliar with Second Life a homestead is a type of sim, or plot of land, that you can rent to create your own world.  Sims in Second Life span the gamut of shopping marts, futuristic towns, mid evil castles and even real world museums recreated digitally!  If you can dream it, you can create it in SL!

The idea is to rent a homestead where I can design and set up the environments needed for the comic.  This will allow me to set up a scene and leave it for the next round of pictures, or if the scene comes back later in the comic I don’t have to worry about recreating it.  It allows me to put down props that might be needed in the scene which is huge because on some sims you are not allowed to rez any props.  This has meant that if I needed something specific in the picture other than my avatar, I would have to put it into the scene via Photoshop.  It takes a lot longer to edit when I have to do it all in post-processing.  The faster I can edit the photos, the more often I can post.

The current goal is one comic a week.  If I can get a homestead I might be able to produce two or three!

And who doesn’t want to see more comics out on a more regular basis?


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