Since I’m starting this whole thing from the ground up, I figured I would take you all on the trip with me.

I’m looking at all sorts of different ways to promote my comic.  Word of mouth is the best way of course, but some of the other ways are pretty inventive too.

Most of the articles I’ve ready say you need at least 20 comics before you really start pushing advertising, this gets folks hooked into the plot and excited to read more.  I can see that, comic storytelling is a slower pace than simply writing it all out.  20 pages of a written novel moves much faster than 20 pages of graphics.

Luckily I have 28 pages out. (As of this article.)  I still want a few more before I really start getting the word out about the comic.  Some of the things I’m considering include Project Wonderful, The Webcomics List, Top Webcomics, and The Belfry WebComics Index.   I hear Reddit is a good place to get your comic noticed, but I don’t have an account, nor do I really want one.

There is a large group of folks from Second Life on Flickr but yahoo won’t let me log into my flickr account and their customer service is nearly non-existent.  I would LIKE to post on flickr, but not until their issues are fixed.

There is always blog trades, working with other bloggers to promote each other’s sites, and I love the idea of that.  It’s what I started to do with my “Speaking of Comics” posts.  I’ll have to do some networking to see if I can find some folks who would like to reciprocate the efforts.

We are about $100 short of the first goal, which would allow me to rent the homestead I need to set up permanent structures for the comic and I know there are several folks who are waiting till payday to pledge.  I am so excited and really look forward to getting everything set up to make this process easier to do!

We can totally do this!


Want to help?  Check out my Patreon page!


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