It’s the Little Things

I’ve spent the last three hours working on maps that may never be seen. They have the name of the planet, the names of the continents, regions, oceans and cities.
I’ve worked out the distance between each location and how long it would take to get there by land, by sea and by air. I know the terrain and how difficult it is. I’ve plotted roads, swamps, volcanoes and ruined cities.

I know the names of places before they were put to maps. I know why those ruined cities fell and where their people moved to afterwards.

I know my world very well.

The key to this is; most of this information you, the reader, will never know. The comic won’t touch on these topics unless I finish this story line, the next story line and maybe even the one after that. Even then there will still be areas of the world that will remain unexplored by anyone but myself.

I don’t mind this one bit. It makes the world a deeper place. Gives realism to the world outside of the characters themselves. When the crew of the Jeweled Heron go to a place, it has a rich history. It is there for a reason, and I hope that reason bleeds through the visuals if not the story itself.

I think it’s important when you are storytelling to delve into the world and tease out these little details. To truly explore the world. You never know when one of those details blossom into a lovely plot point.

It’s exciting for me to create a fully fleshed out world and I hope one day to share a few of these details with you!


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