Reporting in After a Busy Weekend

This weekend was spent running around in the woods with 70+ other people, trying not to get eaten by zombies, or have raiders steal what little resources our ‘town’ has.  It was great fun and I recommend it for everyone.  Very therapeutic… and cold, frigid, in fact.

Now I have a dry cough.  Good times.  I even went over and above trying to stay healthy, washing my hands, not eating after people, the whole nine yards.  I clearly need to start taking my vitamins again.  Fair enough.

We have a short break in January to run a small 4 hour game at Midwinter Gaming Convention before we are back at it again in February with our season opener!  I love running these games, but I think I will use the time between games as a bit of a break (as much as one can get a break from such things) to try and get caught up on house cleaning and get a nice buffer for the comic.

Second Life has just increased the prims on their sims and homesteads which is news worth jumping up and down for.  Their sims are still amazingly expensive, but now at least I will be able to create the world I need without worrying overmuch about the prim limits.  I know I’ll still hit those limits, I’ve got big dreams, but it’s still good news.  Now to just get Patreon to the level that I can afford to buy/rent that sim.

I’ve gotten all the comics corrected, and now I am focused on uploading them.  They should be done within the next week.

Thanks all for your support of the comic!

Be seeing you!


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