Little Late this Week

Last week turned out to be a lot busier than I had anticipated.  Getting ready for the last game took up more of my time than it usually did, so I was unable to work on the comic at all.

I will be working on it this week and will have this page and next week’s page sorted before Friday.  So you will still get a comic this week, it just is going to be a little later than usual.

Sorry about that!



More Work Done!

So I’ve been busy working on the sim, getting it ready for the stories yet to come.

Here is a picture of the slums of Vardala, ready for their debut in the comic!


It will be a while, but I can’t wait to tell stories in this section of the world!

I also added lights to the streets outside the shops.


I am happy to be able to have purchased a hospital for the city as well!  It will come in handy knowing how much the crew of the Jeweled Heron like to get in trouble.