Vedis’ Adventures Part 3


Ah yes, there she is, the mysterious Emma.  Vedis found this lovely lady outside the club several nights ago.  She had no idea when she first saw her the trouble she was going to get her into.  After speaking to her for several minutes Vedis finally realizes what that strange tickle in the back of her mind meant.  She had found poor soul-locked Isabella!  She realized that she needed a less public location to work her magic, and she would need to convince her to join her back at the club.  All the while not breaking the spell Alec had laid upon her years before.

Trust me, that is harder than it sounds…

Vedis Seid sees it all, the slump of her shoulders, the soft whisper of pain in her voice. She watched as she tried to convince herself that things would get better, that she wasn’t worth anything better. She had heard the lies a thousand times and a thousand different ways. But she knew better than to see them as truth. She looks down into the cup, watching the foam swirl and pop across the surface of the pale brown coffee. She sighs, realizing now the depth of what Alec had requested of her. She straightens and suddenly the facade drops away, “Emma, I have not been fully truthful with you, and while I have many secrets, lies I prefer less of.” she lifts that gaze to meet the crystal blue ones, “Our meeting wasn’t random. Davie sent me. He’s concerned about you and he wanted me to try and help.” not the full truth, but certainly not a lie.

Emma Danton blinked at that and then titled her head “Why on earth would Davie be worried about me?” she asked her brilliant blue eyes focused again on Vedis. Her attention to the detail of her skin leaving her with the sinking feeling of something else..”Davie has been kind to me I’m fine.” she said softly her hands again tightening on the mug of coffee that she held. he felt..trapped and couldn’t begin to explain to this woman why nor was she sure she wanted to. She had learned in Hathian that emotions would only get her in trouble. “Besides, I’m not sure how you could help.”

Vedis Seid pats the woman’s hands sympathetically, “He worries about you, he sees the potential in you and knows that you see it too. I am very good at giving people opportunity to excel.” She rummages though her pockets, before sliding over a gold embossed card “I would love to discuss your opportunities sometime. Davie really only wants to see the best for you.” she gives her a cheeky wink, “And my dear, I am the best at what I do.” she takes another sip of her latte, “You have worth, my dear, you could do so much more.”

Emma Danton leaned back in the chair drinking her coffee she looked at the woman across from her and titled her head to her seeming to watch her it still felt like something was missing she couldn’t explain what that was she never could there were just times when she got that feeling and she found herself only frustrated if she thought about it too hard like she was hitting a mental wall she couldn’t escape from “Alright.” she said softly accepting her card “But, what is it that you do?”
Vedis Seid sucks in her lower lip, tasting the praline syrup as she watches her carefully, “I will work with you to explore the possibilities you may wish to further pursue.” she waves her hands and laughs, “There are quizzes and everything. We shall see what your potential is, and with my connections, we will make sure you reach it.” she grins, “You might say I am a facilitator.” she nods to the drink, “Is it good?”


She should have never left the club.  She had been hidden there, more or less.  Out at the coffee shop they knew where she was.  Solaris Islay, the leading lady of Morningstar Inc., finally tiring of the demoness’ antics moved her considerable force into action.

Vedis Seid pulls the dart from her neck nearly as fast as she feels it penetrate. “Oh that’s fucking cheating…” she hisses, turning back, anger flashing across her face. When she pulls her hand back the crackling flesh of her neck would peel away after it. As the chill spreads so too would the slow split of her skin. It was worse than the frost outside, it was concentrated and slowly spreading. She chokes softly as the skin of her throat stiffens, the cracks slowly spreading up to curl over the rise of her cheek. The rest sinking into the collar of her shirt. She takes one step back, then another, weaving on her feet before collapsing to her knees. But she didn’t fall, fighting the tranquilizer with the flush of her rage. She opens her mouth to let it spill from her lips, but nothing came out but a painfully dry cough and the slow, thick spill of deep crimson blood.

Hal Rehula cocks an eyebrow as the redhead’s pale skin develops cracks as if someone had bashed a porcelain doll against a hard surface..”Never seen a tranq dart that did THAT before..” he breaks a hunk off of his uneaten cookie, holding it out to the blond as Sol keep a grip on her, “cookie?”

Solaris Islay her grip on the girl’s arm was unapologetic as she jerked her back into place, but her voice when she spoke was meant to be calming, “Emma. It’s just a tranq dart.” she said gently. “I maaay have been exaggerating with the whole head explosion thing, and I am like ninty..” she turned and glanced at Ve watching her fall to the ground, blood trickling from her mouth.. “Err.. thirty percent sure it won’t kill her.” she gave a cheeky smile at that before releasing Emma and making her way over to the woman, seeming to speak to the air in front of her. “Nice shot Jamie. Right on target.” smirking she crouched beside the fallen woman and reached into her jacket, pulling out that digital collar they weren’t quite able to snap into place last time before crouching down and carefully attempting to fit it around her neck. “Hal think you can help me with Emma here? It would be better if she didn’t run into the street screaming or interfere with an arrest of a very dangerous terrorist suspect.”

Vedis Seid blinks, the room spinning, making it hard to focus, she frowns up at Sol as she approaches, her left shoulder beginning to lock up. The only thing holding her skin on was the thick layer of leather that she wore under her parka. She pushes back when she sees the collar, rage and fear making for a heady reaction. She flails out, trying to knock it from her hand, “No.” she chokes out, blood splattering across Sol’s boots as she tries to drag herself away. She topples to the side as the room shifts about her and she gasps as the pain flares across her senses.

Emma Danton looked around the room and in her own special and for those who actually knew her fairly typical fashion she just started screaming “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!” Vedis should be used to this, every time something violent and scary happened this was usually her MO…she turned trying to dart after Solaris towards Vedis well aware that likely they would stop her but hey she was blond and all she was thinking about was someone was seriously hurting Vedis “it’s not a tranq dart, tranq darts don’t make people cough up blood, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!” a question asked many times before.

Hal Rehula nods, “Sure thing..” reaching out to take a grip on Emma’s arm as Sol goes to fit Seid with the collar, turning Emma to face him as she freaks out from the sight of the redhead coughing blood “now Emma..its Emma right? Emma, believe me if Sol wanted that woman dead, she’d be lying there dead and not..well whatever that lets take a deep breath…and let it out…maybe have a nibble from a cookie..” holding out the hunk of cookie he broke off his second untouched gingerbread man..

Solaris Islay was very good at manhandling people /especially/ when they didn’t want her too, and doubley especially when they were already drugged. So when Ve tried to crawl away she stopped playing around, aimed a knee and her body weight at the small of her back and attempted to hold her there while she adjusted the collar so it snapped closed. “Did you think that I wouldn’t find you?” she said the words softly and for once the pretense of amusement wasn’t in her voice, “Did you really think I would let you walk away?” in fact when she breathed it into her ear there was something almost seductive about the way she spoke, “Silly lab experiment. Just remember, when you try to take it off and drop like sack of wood, then wake up to realize you became the plaything of Morningstar, you did this to yourself.” with a smirk she attempted to jerk the binding into place and force her little trinket tight while she held Ve down. “Don’t… fuck… with me.”


Vedis would not suffer this indignity, not again.  She had only so recently broken the last collar her husband Samael had bound her with before.  She had walked the earth for nearly a thousand years trapped and enslaved to power madmen’s selfish goals.  She had just only now begun to experience the sweet taste of freedom, the fullness of her own power as it lay within the heated depths of Hell.

She would not be bound again.

Vedis Seid stares at the neat handwriting on the notes that were splayed out in disarray on the bar’s counter top. She had never seen anyone in here for an actual drink, so it became her makeshift planning center. She was angry, enraged in fact, though you would be hard pressed to see it on her face. She simply went over her notes with methodical precision. Everything that she had learned in the past few weeks was recorded, every name, every location, every detail that may be important. She was on house arrest though most of her rage was focused on the collar that sat securely around her neck. She had tried to remove it several times over the last few hours since it was placed about her slender throat, and her skin had finally recovered from it’s frozen onslaught. It beeped and hummed softly even now, sending whatever information Sol had created it to send to whatever distant location that had been created to receive it. She had no idea how it worked, honestly, only that it’s very presence was like a razor down her spine. She hated it with a passion that could destroy galaxies. With slow deliberate movements she shifts the pages around, Morningstar employees here, Club employees there, pictures of the Asylum layered over a satellite view of the town itself. She was laying out battle plans. She was declaring War.


To make matters worse, the one man she had hoped would not contact her, did.  The arrival of her long lost lover, Llwyd, now Mr. Berkshire, in the club sent her world spinning into chaos!

Mr. Berkshire was dangerously close to losing his concentration, losing himself in her sweet presence, here in his arms at long last. But her urgent warnings, the warm cup of her palms on his jaw, dragged his focus back to what she was saying. His eyes fell to the blinking collar around her neck, the many lines of his face descending into a black scowl. Rage blossomed in his eyes as he stared, her soft pleading washing over him. “Who has done this to you?”, he demanded, dark menace coloring every word, a glimpse of the ruthless nature of him lurking beneath the gentlemanly facade. He lifted his piercing glare back up to hers, equal amounts of wrath and love twisted together there to see, “Who claims rights over you, Vedis?” He sought to tighten his grip on her, as if the mere thought of letting her go again was impossible to fathom, adding with a low snarl, “I will not walk away from you ever again. If there is a way to free you, I will find it!”

Vedis Seid closes her eyes the warmth of his touch a welcome feeling. She breathes him in, letting his rage wash over her. She smiled, understanding once more why they worked so well together. She shakes her head, “They are known as Morningstar Securities. A company here run in part by a woman named Solaris Islay. They have people everywhere. Indeed, the fellow from outside is one of their minions.” she grimaces, “He will tell them what he saw. It is why you must be cautious. If they connect you to me as anything other than a business associate, there will be trouble. She rests her head upon his chest, letting the soft pulse of his heart, soothe her for several long moments, “They have knowledge they shouldn’t.” her fingers flex on his lapels. “I cannot say much more, as I do not know enough about them.” she blinks and looks up at him, eyes widening, “But YOU could find out more about them for me. They attacked me for being in a coffee shop. There is no way I can do the digging for the information I need.” she ran a warm finger along his jaw, “But you could find out their weaknesses…”


Only after she convinced Llwyd to help her finish the commands of her bindings, did she move downstairs to talk to the others in the club, as a good Madame should.  Hal, a security guard that had helped put the cursed collar upon her throat the night before had brought a young lady into the club.  But apparently their amusements had sent the girl’s heart into spasms.  The girl was near death, and she was shooed away when she offers to assist her.   The girl was taken away by an ambulance and Vedis and Hal had a nice little chat.


Vedis Seid smiles as she pours the wine, careful not to drip. “That was not my doing.” she murmurs, her gaze lifting to his as she takes the glass and returns to leaning against the back bar. “I would tell you how it was done, but I have been told not to.” she takes a sip of her wine, letting the sweet flavor blossom across her tongue. She lowers the glass and holds his gaze, “What have you been told about me?”

Hal Rehula takes another sip of his drink, “other that you’re some kind of experiment that went sideways, not much..though what I saw on the video feeds from the hospital..fuck…”

Vedis Seid chuckles at that. “Brave man, drinking with an… experiment gone wrong. Especially after what you have seen.” She watches him over the rim of her glass for several long seconds, watching the adrenaline work it’s way through his system. Chased by the loving sting of the whiskey. “Here are a few things you need to know about me.” she snorts, “Things I am allowed to tell you anyway.” she lifts a finger, “One. I don’t lie when the truth is a better option. Two. If I promise you something, it will happen. I do not make promises lightly. Three. Your lovely corporation has made it so that I cannot hurt anyone here beyond what is needed.” she cups her hands around the glass, “Four. As soon as my promise is fulfilled, I can leave, and I can assure you… I wish to leave here just as much as you wish me gone. I have things that I need to attend to elsewhere and I cannot do it until I have completed the tasks set before me.” she ponders a moment, “Oh and five… I fucking HATE collars.”

The next day Vedis goes to the hospital to visit Michelle, the girl from the night before. She is warned by the collar not to go into the hospital, so she decides to expend a little effort and visit Michelle in the dreamworld.

Vedis Seid’s grin grows, until is nearly splits her face, teeth unusually sharp in this strange dreamworld. “Sol is your Mother? Oh how delightful.” She glides up towards the head of the bed once more, those black eyes never blinking, never straying from her face, “Do come by the club sometime…” she purrs, “I’m sure we have MUCH to talk about.”



Vedis takes a moment to herself after the day’s events.  She sighs and lets the bubbles form around her molten fingers.  Solaris was treating her as if she were some sort of monster.

She wasn’t wrong.

“You want a monster?  Fine, then you shall have one.”


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