The End of an Era

I have some bad news. Last night I logged in to SecondLife to find that the last update changed my email settings and I had stopped receiving emails for the sim rental. I was three days late on paying my tier and they had returned … everything.

Three years of work, gone, in an instant. Totally my fault for missing the rent due date, but still devastating.

Sadly, I do not currently have the time to recreate the sim in it’s previous glory. Building a sim is a fiddly, time consuming process and with Dystopia Rising, Dugan Apothecary and the rest of the obligations I have before me I simply don’t have the extra time to put towards remaking it.

So I am putting this webpage on hold. I cannot promise Boyd and crew will be returning any time soon.

I still have story to tell, so I will be striving to find a way to tell the story without the needed the sim set up. Via text, perhaps, with limited illustrations instead of the comic format. I don’t know yet, I am honestly still shocked at the idea that the sim is gone.
I want to thank each and every one of my Patrons and Followers for your support and love these past few years. It’s been a wild ride and I am so glad to have shared it with you.


There is Life in Me Yet

I have been amazingly overwhelmed the last few months, so I have had to decide between life and creating this comic.
Obviously, as my posting schedule shows, I chose life.
We had a lot of really bad family health scares over the holidays and on Christmas eve we were in a really bad accident that could have cost us our life, but thankfully didn’t.
This isn’t to excuse the lack of posts, it is to explain it.
I have not given up on this comic, not by far. I still have so much story to tell. I ask that you bare with me for a little bit longer. I should be able to continue my posts soon.
So let’s ask a question, who is your favorite character so far?