TPW Comic – 018

Let’s see what the crew is up to now.


TPW Comic – 016

Better late than never I say!  Here is the next installment of The Prophet’s Web!  A bit more information about these two interesting characters.

TPW Comic – 015

Sorry for disappearing last week.  Things were a lot more hectic than I had anticipated.   No worries though, everything is under control!

Can’t say the same for the Fae King, but I’m sure he’ll get a handle on things eventually.  😉

TPW Comic – 14

Getting back on track!

I love the backgrounds in these photos, covering them with speech bubbles was so disappointing!  *laughs*  Though it would be more disappointing not to hear what was going on, so I make do.


TPW Comic – 013

Introducing: The Fae King.

Originally he wasn’t scripted to enter the comic for another few pages, but he decided he was going to make an entrance whether I liked it or not.

The Prophet’s Web 001

And so it begins…

Say hello to the Prophet, our mysterious lady of the hour.  *waves*

Photographed in “The City-State of New Babbage” in Second Life.

Cover Page – Chapter 1

Welcome to The Prophet’s Web!  This is a weekly graphic novel written for the web by Heather S. and put together by a wonderful team of models photographed on Second Life.  Stylesheets for each model can be found here.

I have been writing short stories and novels since I was young.  I love the idea of comics, the unification of word and art to tell a story.  I got into Second Life 9 years ago and fell in love with it’s ability to make pretty much anything a reality.  Working in a role play sim I began dreaming up a comic using Second Life as a graphical interface but have never really had the time or the gumption to see it through.  When I was a child I used to draw comics for stress relief and it was so much fun.  I still have a file folder full of comics that I go through every now and then to make me smile.  Looking back on the joy drawing comics used to give me I figured now would be the best time to make this dream a reality.

I couldn’t do it without my crew, so many thanks to them for putting up with my oddities!