TPW Comic – 29

Hm.  Seems like the strings of fate are being plucked.  Let’s hope the crew is ready for what’s to come.


TPW Comic – 27

Oh Second Life, how I love you.  Logged in today and it worked fine.

Yay!  We can continue the story and I can start taking pictures again!

TPW Comic – 26

MATURE CONTENT:  You have been warned.

They understand each other.  They don’t have to like it, but they know exactly where they stand.

TPW Comic – 25

It is hard to keep your attention on one world, let alone two.  It’s even harder to pay attention when you have a beautiful half naked woman tempting you.  Add to the fact that Charles hasn’t had a body in … ages.  I can see why he might be a little too distracted to respond to Eudora.

TPW Comic – 24

So AAAAAGEs ago I wrote a short novella about these two characters.  It holds a few spoilers for this comic in it.  I’m debating taking it down so as not to spoil the comic.  But it’s been out on the internet for years.  I doubt I could hide it from someone who *really* wanted to read it.

I’m still trying to make up my mind on it.

TPW Comic – 23

The beauty from the chapter cover!  Ooooh, who is this lovely dancer?

TPW Comic – 22

Whoah, things are getting a bit trippy.  I’m still working on getting postings up regularly.  It’s a continuous battle against time, but it’s still a battle I’m waging.  RAWR!

TPW Comic – 21

Two months out and things are quiet aboard The Jeweled Heron… too quiet.

And who is this?  Charles, the creepy brain in a box?