TPW Comic – 58

Not all Kings are wise. But this one may be humbled.

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TPW Comic -43

Welcome to the first page of chapter 3!  The crew is busy getting ready for their trip into town and it looks like they might have finally realized Elijah is missing!

Visiting Vardala

So I won’t have a comic this week for a few reasons. I had an out of state court date on Thursday, so I was out of state for two days and unable to access my computer. Couple that with a blown out shoulder that aches even after I take pain killers and I just didn’t have time to get one out this week.

That being said, I DID get a chance to work on the sim a bit more. Here are some teaser pictures of Vardala, the neo-victorian city back on Thessra. At this point I have just a few of the major landmarks laid out and some of the tenement houses lined up. No roads, no landscaping, no little details that make a city come alive.

But it’s a start, and it gives you a teaser to look forward to for when we get back to that part of the world.

What do you think?


TPW Comic – 39

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TPW Comic – 38

Clio’s story begins.  Let’s find out a bit more about Boyd and Eudora.

TPW Comic – 34


I mean, it’s the land of magic and mysticism, it’s bound to be more colorful than the land of science and engineering, right?

It’s the Little Things

I’ve spent the last three hours working on maps that may never be seen. They have the name of the planet, the names of the continents, regions, oceans and cities.
I’ve worked out the distance between each location and how long it would take to get there by land, by sea and by air. I know the terrain and how difficult it is. I’ve plotted roads, swamps, volcanoes and ruined cities.

I know the names of places before they were put to maps. I know why those ruined cities fell and where their people moved to afterwards.

I know my world very well.

The key to this is; most of this information you, the reader, will never know. The comic won’t touch on these topics unless I finish this story line, the next story line and maybe even the one after that. Even then there will still be areas of the world that will remain unexplored by anyone but myself.

I don’t mind this one bit. It makes the world a deeper place. Gives realism to the world outside of the characters themselves. When the crew of the Jeweled Heron go to a place, it has a rich history. It is there for a reason, and I hope that reason bleeds through the visuals if not the story itself.

I think it’s important when you are storytelling to delve into the world and tease out these little details. To truly explore the world. You never know when one of those details blossom into a lovely plot point.

It’s exciting for me to create a fully fleshed out world and I hope one day to share a few of these details with you!

TPW Comic – 31

The realm of the Fairies is just around the corner!  Time to enjoy some color in the comic!

Let’s welcome the last three crew members!


Shortcuts and Script Edits

Getting that sim is going to be vital for this comic. I’m running into a lot of issues where my vision for the comic and the script that I have already created have to be edited and updated because I don’t have the set up for it.

For instance, I would LOVE to get a wide shot of Fairy right now with the jewel of the city Aedarwood shining like a beacon in the distance. It’s what I’ve scripted and I think it would be a beautiful panel.

But without the sim, I don’t HAVE a forest or a city to photograph. I have a variety of sims I am using to take the photographs I need. I would need to do some massive post processing work to cobble together something that would work.

So what do you do?

Get creative! Switch up angles and layout, adjust the script so that you can make it work. Push off that amazing shot for later in the comic and make it look FANTASTIC when you do it.

Oh, I am going to do it. It will be *stunning*

Until then, however, I get a chance to introduce you to the last of the crew that hasn’t been seen yet. That makes me just as excited! These people have been living in my head for AGES now. Time to let them live in yours too!

Let’s do this!