TPW Comic – 49

So with an unexpected trip last weekend, I wasn’t able to do any of the stuff I thought I was going to be able to.
Here is page 49 and a promise to do better.  Things are starting to really build now, and I’d hate to lose that momentum!

TPW Comic – 48

I know I said in the blog post that I would have this out on Friday.  But then I realized I promised my Patrons 24 hour early access and I wouldn’t have time to give them that if I put this up on Friday (I just finished it, and it’s 7:30 pm)  So yeah, it’s finished on time but it’s getting scheduled for the usual Tuesday time so I don’t cheat my Patrons.

This month is going to be difficult with regards to keeping this comic going regularly.  I may have to substitute a few teasers until things free up a bit for me.

Never fear!  The comic is still going strong!  But so is the rest of my life.  *laughs*


TPW Comic – 47

Uh oh… here she comes.

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TPW Comic – 45

Pixies get so nervous around the topic of death.  In this instance, can you blame her?

TPW Comic – 44

Prison life is hard.

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The Dreams of Innocents – Elijah #1

The Dreams of Innocents is a short series of comics focused on secondary characters who’s story isn’t completely fleshed out in the comic itself.  Each one of my characters has a long and varied backstory.  The Dreams of Innocents series is a way for me to give you, the reader, a glimpse into their lives before the events of The Prophet’s Web.

The series will be posted once a month and is posted for my Patrons two months in advance!  This month we take a look at Elijah!

TPW Comic -43

Welcome to the first page of chapter 3!  The crew is busy getting ready for their trip into town and it looks like they might have finally realized Elijah is missing!

TPW – Chapter 3

So this comic started in October of 2015. It is now February of 2017. It certainly doesn’t feel like a year and a half of work!
Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this ride, I am ecstatic to have you.

TPW Comic – 41

Oh noes!  The Slaugh are coming for Elijah! EEEEEEEEEEE!

And thus ends Chapter 2 of The Prophet’s Web!  Stay tuned for the next chapter and find out what happens to our favorite cabin boy!

TPW Comic – 40

Here we meet Boyd’s Wife, Victoria. 
I can’t believe we are nearing the end of chapter 2!  We have so much more story to tell and I’m excited to be able to tell it!
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