The Dreams of Innocents – Elijah #1

The Dreams of Innocents is a short series of comics focused on secondary characters who’s story isn’t completely fleshed out in the comic itself.  Each one of my characters has a long and varied backstory.  The Dreams of Innocents series is a way for me to give you, the reader, a glimpse into their lives before the events of The Prophet’s Web.

The series will be posted once a month and is posted for my Patrons two months in advance!  This month we take a look at Elijah!


Speaking of Comics – The (Re)Invention of Alethia Grey

Lisa Walker England is a storyteller and artist who inspired me to create this comic.  She started her comic, The (Re)Invention of Alethia Grey, several months before I started this one. Her comic is a steampunk tale about Alethia Grey, a woman with a mysterious past.


In 1880s Milwaukee, a reticent heiress finds herself forced to step into society upon her father’s untimely death. But with her newfound visibility comes a bizarre mystery around the real source of the manufacturing fortune she’s inherited. Will her discoveries destroy her . . . or remake her altogether?

The comic is done in a simplistic pencil drawing and the story is a fun exploration of Alethia’s life. She has done a lot of research into the history of Milwaukee in the 1880s to make sure that her comic is full of life and interesting little details. Currently it only has one chapter up and she is accepting orders for a print book, but word has it she already has plans for the next chapter.

Lisa is also working on exploring different styles of storytelling and her telling of The League of Marvelosities combines quilting, audio and written words to create a full storytelling experience.

Lisa’s enduring bravery when it comes to exploring her art is inspiring, and her smile infectious.

I can’t wait for the new chapter!