Dreams of Innocents – Rosabelle 2

Rosabelle and The Jeweled Heron, The Jeweled Heron and Rosabelle.  You cannot have one without the other, it wouldn’t be right.

The comic shall return to it’s regularly scheduled updates soon!  Until then, enjoy a peek into the character and background of some secondary characters!


Dreams of Innocents – Rosabelle

This month is insanely busy so this week and next week we will have Dreams of Innocents updates!

Let’s find out more about Rosabelle!

TPW Comic -43

Welcome to the first page of chapter 3!  The crew is busy getting ready for their trip into town and it looks like they might have finally realized Elijah is missing!

TPW Comic – 32

Making that video for Patreon took up much of my time early last week.  Luckily, I still had time to make this week’s comic!  YAY!

TPW Comic – 29

Hm.  Seems like the strings of fate are being plucked.  Let’s hope the crew is ready for what’s to come.

TPW Comic – 010

Expanding on the world a bit.  Yes, we do have automatons.  She has no fear of heights and a grip like glue.