NSFW – The Dreams of Innocents – Vedis

Here is the last page in Vedis’ side comic!  There is nudity! You have been warned!


Dreams of Innocents – Rosabelle 2

Rosabelle and The Jeweled Heron, The Jeweled Heron and Rosabelle.  You cannot have one without the other, it wouldn’t be right.

The comic shall return to it’s regularly scheduled updates soon!  Until then, enjoy a peek into the character and background of some secondary characters!

The Dreams of Innocents – Elijah #1

The Dreams of Innocents is a short series of comics focused on secondary characters who’s story isn’t completely fleshed out in the comic itself.  Each one of my characters has a long and varied backstory.  The Dreams of Innocents series is a way for me to give you, the reader, a glimpse into their lives before the events of The Prophet’s Web.

The series will be posted once a month and is posted for my Patrons two months in advance!  This month we take a look at Elijah!

The Dreams of Innocents

Writers create a world when they write.  It’s usually huge and vast and rarely ever seen in the actual story in it’s full glory.  Sometimes it’s not.  But my worlds are just that, filled with history and characters that rarely get explored in the main story-line.

So I offered my Patrons the ability to see into a small section of each character to give a more detailed view of who they are and what their motivations are.  They are 1-2 page comics that really are just character studies but they are fun and give you insight on the character.

So I asked my Patrons if they would be okay with me sharing these comics with you after a while, so that the general reader can get those same insights.  They said they had no problem with it.  (I love my patrons!)

So two months after the Patron’s get the first look, you will be able to see the comics too!  They will only come out once a month, and will be posted on the first Thursday of the month.

Look for the first one next week!