Dreams of Innocents – Rosabelle 2

Rosabelle and The Jeweled Heron, The Jeweled Heron and Rosabelle.  You cannot have one without the other, it wouldn’t be right.

The comic shall return to it’s regularly scheduled updates soon!  Until then, enjoy a peek into the character and background of some secondary characters!


TPW Comic – 018

Let’s see what the crew is up to now.

TPW Comic – 008 & 009

The Jeweled Heron is the best ship in the fleet!  So long as you aren’t looking for maneuverability, or short spurts of speed, or fitting into tight spaces.  OTHER than that, she’s the best ship in the fleet!

Yet more proof that they aren’t pirates.  It’s a bit dandy for pirates. *laughs*

This will be two pages when it gets printed, full spread, baby!