Vedis’ Adventures Part 2

Vedis Seid sat silently in her room, brooding. There were small drawings of a palm sized black crystal scattered upon the dresser beside her, each one from a different angle, but each one of the same stone. The candle light seemed to caress the surfaces it touched, those strange pictures, the soft curve of her flesh. She sat upon the dresser crowded in by her own roughhewn sketches. Her ‘guards’ had checked in on her several times in the past few days, simply to make sure she hadn’t snuck out again, or found a way to break their master’s commands. Each time they returned to their post content she was still within their grasp. She sighs softly, awareness of her melancholy breaking through her repetitious thoughts, drawing her to the surface of this world again. She soft glide of leather breaks the silence as she slides down off the dresser, her heels clicking softly as they touch down once more upon the wooden floor. “Let’s see how far this chain extends, hmm?” she purrs, running her fingers over the sketches of black crystalline forms flickering in the depths of her emerald eyes. “If they do not wish to speak with me directly, I will have to force them to act.” what did she care? This wasn’t her city, let’s see how far she could raze it before they finally came to speak with her.

2017.11.10 - Lost in Thought.png

Vedis Seid steps into the hospital shivering slightly. It had been ages since the cold bothered her, and that thought brought a frown to her brow. She brushed it away as she brushed her hair back from her face. She quickly replaced it with a smile. It nearly touched her eyes, even still, there was something hard behind her gaze, a weight that would make all but the strongest uncomfortable. She approaches the desk, “Excuse me, is there a bathroom here?” she winces apologetically, “Sorry, I knew I should have gone before I left the house.” she continues to smile, the soft scent of honey floating towards the blond woman breaking the sterile smell of detergents and concern. Casting a quiet spell of its own. “It will just be a moment, if you could point it out to me?”

Vedis inclines her head at the receptionist and follows her directions to the left. The hospital was busy enough for a Friday night and she was hardly dressed to blend in. Still she was able to avoid most questions by simply mouthing, ‘bathroom’. Most people let her pass without a second word. Their attention quickly pulled away by other, more important duties. It took her several minutes to find it, but the morgue had a distinctive smell that she could smell from miles away. She pauses a moment, a single heartbeat where she flashed her awareness out around her, checking to make sure she wasn’t seen, and then slipped inside. She gathers the darkness around her like a shroud, surveying the room and it’s inhabitants, if it had any, from the lightest of ‘don’t look here’ spells.

Vedis cared not one wit for the camera in the corner, she was certainly hoping someone was watching. Seeing the room void of life she drops the glamour and steps into the room fully. She wasn’t looking for chemicals, or pills. She was looking for a moment of quiet. And the bodies upon the slabs. With a wicked grin she glides over to the cloth draped corpses, the gentle click of her heels the only sound in the strangely silent room. It was a rougher cloth, thick and heavy. She tests it between her fingers, then grips it and pulls it clear from the body, letting it fall from her hand to the floor. The body beneath lay lifeless and empty. She saunters closer, letting her fingers trail over the staples along the corpses’ stomach and chest, pausing at it’s head. She trails her fingers through it’s hair, her gaze searching it’s face, but for what? It was little more than empty flesh. Her fingers press against it’s chest, her eyes flaring with heat. She whispers across it’s cold lips, “Ophiocordyceps unilateralis” and smiles, placing a kiss upon it’s unyielding cheek. She straightens as it begins twitching, the flesh of the body rolling and bubbling as the fungus grows within it. The creature’s eyes snap open and it jerks upright. She takes a dancing step back as it lunges at her, its movements awkward and indelicate. Her gaze delighted as the corpse reaches hungrily for her. “Oooh, you naughty thing you.”

Needless to say, Vedis’ little escapades didn’t end well for her.  Hospital security was on high alert.  Apparently the mysterious Morningstar Security was more pervasive in this world than she had anticipated and they knew all about her.

Shame on them for interrupting all her fun!

2017.11.10 - Getting Caught is Half the Fun.png

She learned to take them seriously when two of their bullets actually did damage.  Demons don’t take damage from bullets, but they certainly wake up and take notice when those bullets have nitrogen cores and holy symbols writ upon their metal exterior.

But in the end, she got what she wanted, a conversation with Alec Damondred, an old… dare she even call him a friend?  He saved her from Morningstar Security, for a price.

A price she was none to happy to pay.

Their conversation raised new questions for our little demoness.  New concerns.

2017.11.11 - Nighttime Reveries

She promises to uphold the masquerade and to help their mutual friend, Isabella.  In return, she would be released from the bindings put upon her and allowed to go on her way.

It would take some time to accomplish her needed tasks, however, so until then she had to find a place to stay.

Vedis Seid smiled as she stepped out of the corner store. If she was going to be stuck in a city, this wasn’t the worst of cities to be stuck in. The fog slowly swirls in towards her feet as she plucks a cigarette from the box and tucks it between her crimson lips. Taking a moment to find the lighter she lets the mist curl, the city strangely quiet tonight. The lighter snaps loudly in the abandoned street and she inhales deeply. “This should be interesting.” she murmurs, letting the gentle curl of smoke join its brother fog. She makes her way down to the club, the only other place in this city she knew other than hotel and the hospital. Once there she pauses, suddenly uncertain. In a huff she turns and leans back against the wall, taking another deep inhale on her cigarette with a frown. What the fuck is she doing? She should know better than to help these people. It would only cause her more pain. She chuckles wryly, “But isn’t that the best part?”

2017.11.11 - Foggy night for Deep Thoughts

Vedis Seid watches the smoke as it curls lazily from her cigarette, the rosy glow of the cherry, as the heat ripples across the tobacco in undulating waves. She had given into these loathesome emotions several times on her trips. She wonders if it was worth it, these horrific memories. The knowledge of punishment yet to come. She could outrun it only so long. Alec had raised even more questions for her than answers, but she was used to playing the long game, so she knew she would get what she wanted eventually. She takes another deep drag and blows smoke rings out into the galy lit street. She couldn’t go back to the hotel, the hospital wasn’t useful for sleeping, so she looks up at the sign of the only place she had left. “Moloko.” the symbol one quite familiar to her. She smirked at the dragon that encircled it. Typical, they always have to make it complicated, didn’t they? She drops the cigarette to the cobblestones and crushes it out with the toe of her thigh high boots. “Fuck it.” she says, the smoke curling from between her lips. “Do what you know, eh?” and with that, she tugs open the door and steps inside.

2017.11.11 - She Sees You While Your Sleeping

Vedis Seid let her coat fall from her shoulders as she moved into the front room, she tosses it onto the couch and makes her way towards the mantle, an amused look settling upon her face. The room was black leather and lace, soft edges and hard lines. She couldn’t have done it better herself. Her mind floats back to a similar club, Fiendish Pleasures, it was called, and all the wonderful memories from that time. She knew she was here for a while, so why not enjoy her time while she waits? She was quite used to playing the waiting game, and she never let a deviation from plan ruin her good time. She would have to smuggle her things here, but that was the least of her worries. She would keep her head down, stay on the right side of the law, and in a few weeks she would be on her way. Fine. She can do that.

2017.11.11 - Ghosts of Memories Past

Pretty little Laylah, the current hostess of the club and Vedis’ new playmate,  just has to catch her up on the modern world.  Poor thing has her work cut out for her!


Vedis’ Adventures Part 1

I am still getting the opportunity to role play on Second Life.  Not even half as often as I used to, but it’s quite fun keeping up on Vedis and her insane life.  None of these role play sessions will end up in the comic, it has divulged from her story-line ages ago.  But I would love to share the photos I have taken in the course of this new story.


We last find our star crossed demoness wandering the multiverse after recovering the memories of her greatest sin.

Falling in love.

Afraid that the recovery of said memories would be her death sentence (again and for good this time) she had taken to walking the Path Between, which is a path that connects worlds and dimensions within the multiverse.  Her path has taken her to distant worlds and strange places.


She has learned to enjoy sushi at a quaint little shop she found on one world.  The locals were friendly enough when they thought her a fae.  She didn’t disabuse them of that notion.  Easier to blend in than be forced out because of her hellish nature.

Besides, she can only eat blood and raw meat, it was nice to finally be able to find a place where she could sit and pretend to be just like everyone else.


She caught sight of these two goofballs on another one of her wandering steps off the Path Between.  They made her laugh, and she even found a lovely lady to truly feast upon there.  So it made her top 10 places to return to when she has time.

Unfortunately, things went down hill from there.


The Path Between can take you anywhere, but you never get to chose the destination.  Vedis found herself in a large Asylum rather suddenly.  The Path Between rarely goes through buildings, but this building was created as a trap for lost souls.  She had no problem breaking that spell, but in doing so, she uncovered an even more troublesome trap.

Apparently, one of her old lovers, a fellow by the name of Alec, had become quite powerful in his own right.  He let his fellows know all about her, and commanded that they keep an eye out for her return.  She just happened to bump into one of those fellows, a man named Devlin.  Devlin used one of Alec’s magical stones to weaken her enough to trap her.

So she remains, a captive in Elk Point, weak, but determined to exact her vengeance.


She just has to shake the watchful eye of her many, many jailers.

And not fall into the beautiful traps that have been set for her.


Who am I kidding?  She’s screwed.



Poor little demon, what in the world are you going to do now?

Nostalgia in Second Life

A few days ago, I was thinking about how long I had been a part of the Second Life community.  It’s been a really long time!  Over 9 years!  That is a long time to be a part of any virtual community.

It also got me thinking about how far the graphics have come!  And that led naturally to the evolution of my Vedis Seid character.  Below you will find a picture from one of her very first builds.  This is not my first avatar, by far, but it is when Vedis became that black eyed beauty so many fell in love with.


2011?  Yeah, that was a while ago, for sure.  Layered clothing, and not much of it.  She had already become a part of the Legacies 1981 sim in Secondlife at this point and was starting a very small brothel there.  Legacies 1981 was a lovely little Victorian fantasy sim run by the amazingly innovative Trijin Bade.  (His LARPs HUD was one of the few HUDs in Secondlife I can actually tolerate.)

Her story really blossomed in this sim and it is, hands down, one of the favorite stories I have told in Secondlife.  She is one of the characters in the comic, though we will never know the fullness of her story there.

This character introduced me to some of the most wonderful of people, who helped shape my life in very real ways.  Because of the importance of that I felt like I couldn’t truly leave her behind.  So for the past few weeks I have been updating her, when I can.

Check out what she looks like now.


Oh, hello there.

Vedis has gotten an overhaul for sure!  Mesh body (SLink Hourglass), ears (*~*Illusions*~* Fairy Elf Ears) and clothing (*Just BECAUSE* Venom Gown) makes a big difference.  Those tentacles (Xoph’s Tentaculus Exoticus) are the same though I have changed the texture.  The eyes (FATEeyes) I have had for several years now, but not back as far as the first picture.  The horns are much more modest due to in character reasons.  Maybe someday I’ll write that story out.  If there is interest.

But the best part of her new look?


Her mesh head not only has facial expressions, but facial expressions that LOOK NORMAL.  I have been waiting YEARS for that.  The facial expressions with regular avatars are so limited it really made taking photos difficult if you were trying to express emotion with poses, rather than just fashion pictures.

Bento has added even greater benefit with the ability to curl fingers and have more realistic movement of tails and the like.  I haven’t found a tail replacement for her yet, and sadly the tail she is known for looks horrible against this build.  Even more than the tentacles they stick out like a sore thumb, so until I can find someone who can reproduce it with the Bento bones, I won’t use it.


Oh yeah, these photos look SO much better.  Don’t you think?

I’m sure she has more stories to tell, she never could stay dead.

TPW Comic – 47

Uh oh… here she comes.

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TPW Comic – 41

Oh noes!  The Slaugh are coming for Elijah! EEEEEEEEEEE!

And thus ends Chapter 2 of The Prophet’s Web!  Stay tuned for the next chapter and find out what happens to our favorite cabin boy!

TPW Comic – 27

Oh Second Life, how I love you.  Logged in today and it worked fine.

Yay!  We can continue the story and I can start taking pictures again!

A Few Technical Difficulties

So, Second Life is no longer loading avatars for me.

This… could be a problem.  I am still working on solutions, but that is why I can only offer you a teaser peak at the next comic.  I need to get it working so I can take the pictures I need to complete it.


TPW Comic – 26

MATURE CONTENT:  You have been warned.

They understand each other.  They don’t have to like it, but they know exactly where they stand.

TPW Comic – 25

It is hard to keep your attention on one world, let alone two.  It’s even harder to pay attention when you have a beautiful half naked woman tempting you.  Add to the fact that Charles hasn’t had a body in … ages.  I can see why he might be a little too distracted to respond to Eudora.