The Prophet’s Web is a steampunk/fantasy comic that follows the adventures of the devilishly handsome Captain Boyd Rencoat, his quartermaster and first mate Eudora Tummond and the rest of the plucky crew of the airship known as The Jeweled Heron.

There is only one ship that can make the trip across the hazardous Great Waters and back.  The Jeweled Heron is the largest, most powerful ship in all of Alexria. Captain Rencoat is the only merchant who can bring back the infamous “Dust”, a powder prized by doctors and madmen alike, from the lands to the far south.  The strange drug has made the crew a tidy little sum over the years and unsurprisingly, a few enemies to boot. But it isn’t until they decide to take on a mysterious masked passenger and her cargo that things begin to really go south for them.  

Heather S.

Heather S 2Heather is a busy Milwaukee artist who spends much of her time working as the Coordinating Director of a local Post-Apocalyptic LARP.  Life with her husband, dog and two guinea pigs keeps her busy outside of work.  She spends much of her free time cleaning (do you ever really stop?), creating jewelry, working on her comic, LARPing, and joyfully organizing all of the above.


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