Style Cards

clios-style-cardStyle cards are a great way to learn what artist created what object that an avatar is wearing.  In Second Life, everything is created by someone including shape, skin, eyes, hair, and of course, the clothing.  If you see something you really like, you can check the style cards for that character and find out who made it.

Some items are no longer being sold, some are only offered in world, some are self created.  You will notice many shapes are self created because we want to be able to tweak the shape to fit our exact needs.

Currently I only have these for the avatars, if there is interest I can include poses and props too.  But that is a LOT more work and I would rather put that time and energy into the comic itself if there is no interest in it.

Each of the main characters has their own page, and as their style changes so too will the style card.  Extras, or characters that will not be seen regularly are lumped under the “extras” section.