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In the Beginning There Was a Call

We are all crazy here...

We are all crazy here…

Hello my fellow RPers!

I am finally putting my plans to make a comic on the front burner.  I have wanted to make a comic using SL as the graphic medium for many years now, and the time as come to make it happen.

However, I need your help with this!

I need secondary characters and extras to make sure that each picture is perfect.

So here is your casting call!

I am in need of several main and secondary characters.  These characters will be seen regularly in the comic and I will be fairly picky about their appearance.

The story will be steampunk/fantasy and all AVs and their costumes must be pre-approved before the shoot.  I will let you know beforehand what characters are needed and when. So if you are not needed you will know beforehand and will have that night free to do as you wish.  I am thinking of doing a shoot every Monday or Thursday night depending on what works best for my models.  It should only take 1-2 hours at most.  I am hoping to have one comic page done per week. I will be posting the comic on a webpage for everyone to enjoy.  All models will be given credit for their appearance in the comic.  This is not, however, a paid gig.

Here is a list of main characters that need to be filled, keep in mind these characters will be called on more often than most and so will need to be able to make more shoots.  I welcome alts, but since these are used most often, you cannot play two main characters on the same account.

Please note I am looking for characters, not just your average SL hottie.  Make them tall, make them short, make them fat or super thin.  Make them a character that is truly fun.  Be creative!

Boyd Rencoat – Ship’s Captain – Heather S.
Eudora – Quarter Master – Heather S.
Samuel Rencoat – Sailing Master – Nathaniel Ballard
Boatswain –
Rosabelle the Engineer – Sia
Carpenter & Surgeon – Sia
Master Gunner –
Rigger –
Elijah the Cabin Boy – Wren
The Talon – Devious Requiem
The Fae King – GwythyrGwynn
The Fae Queen –
The Prophet – Dyisi
The Demon Queen – Heather S.

Here is a list of Secondary Characters that need to be filled. They will not be needed on a regular basis, and can most certainly be alts or different outfits of folks not currently on screen. This is not a complete list.

Arthur Fleming The Magistrate of Vardala –
The Magistrate’s Daughter –
The Governor of Magdalina –
Parthenope The Siren – Edda Barrowstone
Ligeia The Siren –
Leucosia The Siren –
The Thief –
The Harbor Master –

Here is a list of Extras that will go a long way to creating the world we are making.  I am less concerned about what these look like so long as they maintain the steampunk/fantasy feel of the world.  They will not be needed on a regular basis, and can most certainly be alts or different outfits of folks not currently on screen.

Guards – (these will be required to look similar for obvious reasons)
Townfolk – (Both Victorian and Middle Ages/Fantasy)
Fae – (Mer, Pixies, Elves, Trolls, etc.)
Vampires –
Werewolf –
Demons –

These lists are not 100% complete.  As the story goes on it may require different or more characters.  If you wish to sign up for a part let Vedis Seid know and she will put you into The Comic Project group so you can receive updates and notices as needed.