The Captain and Quartermaster of the Jeweled Heron

Boyd Rencoat and Eudora Tummond have been working together a long time.  Long enough to have gotten into no little amount of trouble!


Captain Boyd Rencoat

The Captain of The Jeweled Heron is Boyd Rencoat.  Quick with a smile and good with a sword, the Captain can keep the ship going in the worst of odds.  He isn’t one to shy away from a bit of shady work, but he spends a lot of time trying to keep The Jeweled Heron on the right side of the law.

Too bad the wrong side is so damn tempting.

Eudora Tummond the Quartermaster

Eudora is the second in command on The Jeweled Heron.  She usually has a carefree attitude and allows Captain Rencoat free reign but she is quicker to spot danger than he is and has been known to yank his chain when needed.  She has the business savvy to know when the crew has found a good deal and tight enough on the purse strings that the crew usually ends up with a tidy profit at the end.

Elijah the Cabinboy

One of the Crew, Elijah has spent most of his childhood on the street of Magdalina till he found Eudora and Boyd in the market.  They found his attempt to steal Eudora’s pocketwatch amusing and let the little thief take a trip on The Jeweled Heron.  He’s not left since!

(He’s also not allowed to steal from crewmembers.  XD)